Design System working group

The Design System working group is a multidisciplinary panel of representatives from across government. It makes sure that all components and patterns published in the Design System are of a high quality and meet user needs.

The working group:

  • reviews proposals and contributions against the contribution criteria
  • makes recommendations to help contributors improve their work
  • advocates for the needs of colleagues across government

Why the working group exists

By including representatives from a mixture of disciplines and departments, the working group helps to ensure that the Design System represents its users.

It means that decisions made are fair and unbiased, and that the Design System reflects the experiences of the whole of government not just one department.

How to join the working group

The GOV.UK Design System team is looking into the best way of helping people to join the working group.

In the meantime if you are interested in joining the working group email the Design System team at

Need help?

If you’ve got a question about the GOV.UK Design System, contact the team.